Your personal financial management plan

Your personal financial management plan


Having a financial plan helps you see the big picture and set long and short-term goals as well as the actions you need to take for your financial future. With financial planning, it will be easier for you to make financial decisions and always on track to meet all your goals.

We listed below what should be considered when creating your personal financial management plan.

1. Budgeting

Before you plan for everything else, you must set a budget first as it will be a road map on how you’ll spend each month. With having a budget set for yourself, you’ll also get smarter about your purchases and decisions to make. This will require you to limit your spending on unnecessary items and to allocate it for something like savings, insurance or use it to pay your debt.

2. Cutting Expenses

Once your budget is set, you’ll understand how much money goes here and there. You can now start cutting some of your expenses. For example, you are subscribed to some TV streaming but hardly use it. You may consider unsubscribing and save money instead. Cutting expenses helps you discover your needs VS your wants.

3. Pay off debt fast

Imagine yourself debt-free. Such a nice feeling, right? It may seem to be difficult only if you don’t have a plan but a good way to start is by paying your debt first after you receive your income. Always remember that your goal is to be debt free and to be committed is the key.

4. Saving for retirement

While it is nice to save for travels, the latest gadget or the most fashionable items you see on Instagram, what you should really be focused on is saving for your retirement. The best time to start saving for retirement is while you are young since it gives you time to maximize the compound interest. Here are some retirement plans to consider (it’s not limited to what your employer provides you):

  • Pension Plans
  • Insurance
  • Financial Funds
  • Real Estate
  • SSS

5. Insurance

None of us will know what the future holds but the best you can do is to prepare for it. It will also give you peace of mind if ever an accident, illness, or emergency occurs in your life. With insurance in place, you will be less stressed knowing that you are protected.

Financial planning might be daunting and intimidating but it is essential to achieving your financial goals and securing your future. Without it, you won’t have a guide with your spending, and it can be hard for you to make any financial progress. When you keep making excuses, it will be more challenging for you to make it as time goes on that’s why it is wise to plan right away and work hard to overcome all of it. Keep in mind that the more you plan your finances properly, the easier it is for you to achieve your goals.


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