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Apply for eShopaLoan using pera247 app!


Visit the LAZADA website/app, choose the item you want to buy and get its total price (item price + shipping cost).


Download the pera247 app from Google Playstore and apply for eShopaLoan.


Fill out the loan terms which will include the correct total price and your minimum down-payment (at least 20% of the total price) and answer a few questions.


Once your application is approved, you must upload 1) screenshot of your Lazada Wallet with the credits required for your minimum down-payment, 2) screenshot of your cash-in request barcode (Go to Lazada Wallet and select 7-Eleven from the Cash-In options to generate barcode) with your approved eShopaLoan amount 3) screenshot of your Lazada Cart with the approved eShopaLoan product.


After you’ve successfully submitted the requirements, your Lazada Wallet will be funded and you may order your eShopaLoan item.


Your newly purchased item will be delivered at your doorstep and you may enjoy it while paying your eShopaLoan in 6 monthly installments.

Note: Make sure to upload correct screenshots with the correct amount.

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