Financial Advice I Wish I Knew In My 20’s

Financial Advice I Wish I Knew In My 20’s


Your 20s can be one of the most memorable and unforgettable times of my life – that’s where you had your first job, have a little responsibility and a stable income. Even though you may have all the freedom and don’t have someone that needs financial support, if you are not careful, there’s a financial consequence that can cripple you.

To anyone who just entered the workplace and starting the journey of adulthood, here’s the financial advice I wish I’d known way back then.

Don’t Spend Half Your Income On Socialising

Friday nights and weekend has been a time where I have to catch up with friends at any expensive restaurants and bars. Since I am working, I felt like I deserve to have an amazing meal once in a while without realizing it’s slowly becoming a habit. In my case, the money I spent on food appears to be spiraling out of control that I should start to limit so I can save money for the most important thing.

Make A Budget And Stick To It

Having a budget means I have to differentiate my needs vs my wants. For example, paying my phone bill is a need. A want is buying an expensive dress that I might wear on undecided occasion. Since I don’t have a budget, I can’t save enough money for my important needs and always end up overspending on discretionary items. If you are like me who’s not very good at handling money, get a piece of professional advice on how you can invest wisely, so when the time comes that you want to retire, you’ll get a good and great return.

Start Saving Early

If you want to secure and improve your future, start saving today! It doesn’t matter if you have other debts to pay off, because you still need to set aside a small amount of your income for investment purposes. We can’t tell, there might be an incident that you’ll be needing money, which is why you need to start saving today!

Never Buy Things You Cannot Pay For Immediately

The bad side of having a credit card is that it’s hard to control your impulses. The trendy items you see on people will attempt you to buy it, too. But I am telling you when you are earning enough, you can eventually buy the good things in life – in full and upfront. Same goes to travel, travel only when you have enough money. You are still young and have plenty of time. Always use your credit card wisely and remember to pay your credit card on time.

Be Healthy

We always take our health for granted by eating junk food, smoking and drinking alcohol. We don’t know is that it can cause us serious health problem in our later years that can lead to a financial burden. Always take steps to maintain your good health.


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