5 Practical ways to save money

5 Practical ways to save money


Financial security for the future is very important but many people fail to prepare for it. It can help you face the future without having to worry about unexpected events that would require spending a lot of money upfront such us sudden house repairs or in case you become jobless. Putting an extra amount on your savings account could make a big difference to cover these things and with your peace of mind.

1. Cut Down on Groceries

You will get shocked when you find out how much you are actually spending on groceries each month. It is best if you start planning out your meals each week and see how much this would cost before you head to the store. These things will prevent you from overspending and wasting food.

2. Cancel Subscriptions and Memberships

Are you paying for multiple subscriptions, like Spotify, Gym Membership or any other TV Streaming Services? If you don’t use it regularly, just cancel it. And if you really need to use one, subscribe again – but make sure it fits your budget.

3. Reduce Energy Costs

Always be mindful of your energy consumption like taking shorter showers, fixing leaky faucets, replacing filters or consider adding zoning system. These techniques might take time but if you practice discipline and be committed to it until you make these things a habit.

4. Ask About Discounts

Next time you’ll be buying for clothes, furniture or an appliance, always ask for discounts. The key is to always be polite to the store employee and ask the right question like “Is this the best price you can offer me?” Don’t be hard or difficult when dealing, give them a smile and you’ll get the item at a lower price.

5. Try a Spending Freeze

Have you ever tried not to spend a day or a week or a month? If not yet, try it and do it today! Do it by preparing meals, avoid going to the mall or saying no to something that’s not a necessity. Incorporating this can be helpful for your savings especially when you are an impulse buyer.

And now that we spread the secret, time to get started on you achieving your emergency funds.

Saving money can’t be done overnight. The easiest way is to start today by setting aside once you receive your paycheck or keeping a budget. It’s also important to use our suggestion to build some savings without a big lifestyle change. Try it out and tell us about your experience!


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